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 Featured Listings appear as a separate advertisement, for 6 months at a time, at the top of each Caribbean Destination page and/or at the top of the e-VacationRentals.com home page. Your logo and/or picture will show in these ads and they will link directly to your detailed listing. A Featured Listing will significantly increase the number of page views and inquiries that you will receive. Featured Listings are $100 for a six month run, in addition to your regular listing. Featured Listings are not available to Property Management companies.

Hi Kent!

I just wanted to take a minute and offer you our heart felt "Thank You" for listing us as a featured property. I have seen an increase in referrals and sales as a direct result of this. For a property that still does not have a web site (I think we are the only business in the world with no web site), this has been a great help. Thank you VERY much!

Gail Taylor- owner COCONUT PALMS INN on the beach Rincon, Puerto Rico (unsolicited testimony)

To add your property as a Featured Listing, first check to see if there is already a Featured Listing for your destination. If no property is listed as a Featured Listing for your destination, simply fill in the form below and we will have you listed as a Featured Listing in a couple of days!
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If you are a customer looking for information on a particular vacation rental, please contact the owner directly, either by the phone number or inquiry form located on each listing.

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